This project addresses activities targeting the energy demand side, notably a more efficient use of energy as regards buildings and industry.

Demand side solutions and improved energy efficiency are among the most cost effective ways to support the transition to climate neutrality, reduce pollution and raw materials use, to create inclusive growth and employment in Europe, to bring down costs for consumers, to reduce our import dependency and redirect investments towards smart and sustainable infrastructure. The transition to a decentralized and climate neutral energy system will greatly benefit from the use of digital technologies which will enable buildings and industrial facilities to become inter-active elements in the energy system by optimizing energy consumption, distributed generation and storage and vis-à-vis the energy system. They will also trigger new business opportunities and revenue streams for up-graded, innovative energy services which valorize energy savings and flexible consumption.

The proposal is expected to develop new or enhance existing solutions for interoperability of systems, including building designs and automation control systems (BACS) and other technical building systems and devices (including IoT ones), as well as between buildings and the grid that will:

• Increase and provide more traceable reduction of the GHG emissions of buildings in design, construction, renovation, operation and end of life.
• Faster market uptake of design solutions, materials, products, techniques and business models that will be demonstrated to reduce significantly building related life-cycle costs and impacts, including whole life emissions, compared to current building completions.
• Mainstreamed affordable high life-cycle performance, and improved circularity of buildings in construction and renovation.

Activities proposed within this topic should address the issue from various angles, combining both social research with technological development and applications in a logical manner.

Through the project we will create a blockchain based database platform that contains building related data, such as daily power and water consumption from each apartment and energy consumption device equipped with IoT spart tagging, materials that have been used, model of devices, energy use of index and more from each building that utilizes it. Our platform will be able to collect data from light, water, electricity and thermal sensors, users, constructors, power and water suppliers as well as from workers performing typical maintenance or innovation works. This will be an easily accessible platform for constructors, so they can extract real time and reliable building data information from multiple sources. Our groundbreaking solution will manage to connect constructors and material providers around the world, utilize the already existing knowledge and provide them with useful information for low energy consumption buildings, as they will be able to know what materials and techniques are the most effective versus their original design. Apart from that, our solution will ensure a low cost, effective and manageable system of big data.