ZEUS CONSULTING Research and Development Department is starting to prepare different initiatives for the participations of the group to HORIZON 2020.

ZEUS CONSULTING can offer a great experience and special know how to new research ideas.

ZEUS CONSULTING is ready to discuss new opportunities for collaboration.

ZEUS CONSULTING can offer also its international network of clients/users from private and public sector. The group work closely with SMEs , industries, academic institutions , local authorities and governmental bodies.




ZEUS CONSULTING SA, in an effort to offer high quality services to its customers and to strengthen the know-how of its personnel, collaborates via commercial and research projects with the more important companies and research institutes at European and international level.

The sector of Information Technologies constitutes the peak of ZEUS CONSULTING SA knowledge and expertise. More specifically, the company has specialized departments of information technology, which cover the following sectors:

  • E-Governance
  • Mobile Computing
  • Systems of Knowledge Management
  • Platforms for teleworking and e-learning
  • Cloud computing
  • Service-Oriented Architectures (SOA)
  • E-Commerce
  • Cybersecurity
  • Safety of ICT Systems


Examples of International Projects

Project TeRIS: Template for Regional Innovation System as a tool for evening out the regional R&D investment disparities

IST Programme, IST–002307, ‘ASPIC Argumentation Service Platform with Integrated Components’.

LEONARDO DA VINCI, Z/03/B/P/PP/168012, INTERMEDIA: “Multimedia training programme at publicity and media field for SME/ managers”

IST Programme, IST-2001-35464, “GRASP, Grid based Application Service Provision

IAP, “World Wide Web Safe Surfing Service”, 3W3S-IAP-26653

IST programme, IST-2001-32298, “STATUS, Software Architecture that supports Usability

IST Programme, IST-2000-26336, “REGNET Cultural Heritage in Regional Networks

IST Programme, IST-1999-20483, “DEEPSIA, Dynamic on-line Internet Purchasing System based on Intelligent Agents”

IST Programme, IST-1999-10091, “EXTERNAL – Extended Enterprise Resources, Network Architectures and Learning”

CONNECT, “INO-PROJECT” , CONNECT- 1999, 1604/001-001

European Programme ERDF, “ERMIS: Regional Tourism Information Network” ERDF

STOA workprogramme 1998, European Parliament / Scientific and Technical Options, “Development of surveillance technologies and risk of abuse of economic information”

DG XXII workprogramme 1998, 17/1998, “Study of the requirements and functions of training in innovation transfer process, covering the following countries: Spain, France, Greece, Italy and Portugal”

Leonardo da Vinci 1996, Pilot, No: I/96/2/275/PI/II.1.1.b/FPC , “EPSILON – Education Planning Support for Innovative Learning Organisations and Networks



ZEUS CONSULTING is available to discuss strategic partnership with any organization who is ready to create new success stories in HORIZON 2020 Framework Programme

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